Masamune Matsuoka

Aoharu x Kikanjuu3

Matsuoka Masamune 1

A younger Masamune

Alias Matsuoka-san (Hotaru)

Mattsun (Yukki) Masamune (Midori) Mune (Haruki)

Kanji 松岡正宗
Rōmaji Matsuoka Masamune
Personal Information
Gender Male
Birthday December 24th, Capricorn
Height 180 cm (5"11)
Weight 70 kg
Blood Type O
Status Alive
Skill Dual wielding all-rounder
Occupation Host
Affiliations Team Toy☆GunGun
Manga One shot, Chapter 0 (Prequel)
Anime Episode 1
Seiyū Maeno Tomoaki

 Masamune Matsuoka (Japanese: 松岡正宗 Matsuoka Masamune) is one of the main protagonists of the series, and a member of "Toy☆GunGun". He serves as a host.


Masamune appears to be a handsome young man with his blonde hair swept to the left side. He has sharp blue eyes in the anime, and mauve in the manga. He is tall and slender, and has a muscular build. Two silver earrings are pierced on his left earlobe.

Masamune is often seen wearing a tailored suit when at work. When hanging out with Tooru Yukimura and Hotaru Tachibana, he is seen wearing casuals. On the airsoft ground, he wears a long-sleeved blue jacket, which is sometimes folded above his elbows, a pair of black gloves and a beige military styled full-length casual pant, ESS goggles, brown knee-caps and a pair of long brown shoes.


Masamune gives off the impression of being confident and collected, a charmer and somewhat of a playboy. He possesses an enhanced kinetic vision which he acquires and develops during the course of his job as a host. Therefore he is good at observing his surroundings as mentioned in episode 1, and puts it to play during survival game matches, no matter with who it is. He is straightforward to a degree, such as when asking Hotaru to 'play' with him in Episode 1 and in the manga. He also gives off the vibes that he may be bisexual.

Despite being highly confident, there are times when he becomes anxious and is easily influenced by his fears, such as when he made the rule to his Toy☆GunGun team of not allowing girls to be on it because of an incident involving female member that had happened earlier, or with the fact that Midori and the people closest to him had abandoned him. This holds to be true such as when he meets Midori after a year at the TGC, he becomes nervous and almost an emotional wreck, to the point where he is barely able to speak, avoiding eye contact with him and later almost breaks down, needing some time alone to calm down. He also appears to have issues with trusting people, but not as much as Yukimura or Haruki. He tries his best to keep himself composed, concealing this side of him.

Relationships Edit

Hotaru Tachibana Edit

Hotaru and Masamune first become acquainted at their apartment complex where Masamune was seen talking about breasts over the phone. This leads Hotaru to have the impression that he is a very shameless person. Regardless, Masamune greets her warmly. The two run into each other again at the host club where he is employed and begin a survival game while assuming she is a boy. Masamune recruits Hotaru as the third member of Toy ☆ Gun Gun so she can repay the debt from the damage she caused at the host club. In episode 8, Hotaru shows regret and angst after losing TGC, however, Masamune comforts her and takes the blame for their loss. In chapter 17, he wakes up from a dream of Hotaru as a girl while blushing. In further chapters, the manga occasionally implies Masamune may be developing a crush on her but he still believes she is a boy. However, in chapter 36 in the manga, he believed that Hotaru is a girl ( Hotaru told him again, Haruki and Midori also assured him. He also accidentally saw how Hotaru and Midori kissed.

Nagamasa Midori Edit

It is implied that Nagamasa and Masamune were good friends before he stopped playing alongside Masamune. Although it is not entirely clear why he left Masamune, Nagamasa vaguely tells Tōru that he was just tired of being with him.[1] Masamune now appears anxious and fearful of Nagamasa but is still driven to defeat him and his team. It is noted by Tōru and Haruki that he has become obsessed with the past because of him and he often lets Nagamasa's malign get him to the point where he breaks down. However, Masamune credits Midori with having saved his life when he considered committing suicide.

Tooru Yukimura Edit

Tumblr nhs3knynnY1u5h167o1 500

Masamune and Tooru, in Chapter 17

Tooru is Masamune's childhood friend, they were reunited while moving into the same apartment complex. In the Aoharu x Kikanjuu One-shot, it is stated that as kids, the two promised each other to become professional soccer players together. While the two grew older and gave up on soccer, Tooru introduced survival games to Masamune. Tōru shows very deep affection towards Masamune and but also feels that he will never live up to the friendship he and Nagamasa had.[2] Masamune is aware that Tooru has trouble making friends because he can't trust people easily, but helps him befriends Hotaru, reassuring him that not everyone will leave him and make friends isn't so bad.[3]

Haruki Hosokawa Edit

Haruki was recruited as the third member of Toy ☆ Gun Gun, but resigned before Hotaru joined. In the past, Haruki felt that Masamune only cared about beating Team Hoshishiro and getting back at Nagamasa, thus steps down from the team. Afterwards, Haruki feels as if he has been replaced by Hotaru and how he acted towards Masamune was unforgivable; however, Masamune kindly accepts him as the team's fourth member again.

Abilities Edit

Eye of ProvidenceEdit


Eyes of Providence, used for the very first time.

During a (TGC) match against Friendly Fire, his potential unlocks, allowing him to determine the location of everyone, friend and foe alike. He then directs Tooru to aim to the right of a leaf, and manages to allow him to shoot Akemi.

Normally, human brain limits the amounts of information it receives, and thus doesn't actually see everything. This ability works by allowing the user to see every small detail, their whole surroundings, and loads it into their brain. However, as this means loading the brain with a large amount of information, using it for a prolonged time would hurt the user—Masamune is seen having a splitting headache, and nosebleeding after snapping out of this state. He's barely able to move, although he manages to use it and move just enough to turn the battle into their favor before collapsing.

This adverse effects disallow the user to use it for long or often—Samejima of the Friendly Fire, who is also able to use it, tells him that he's only able to use it once before he won't be able to live normally anymore.

Weapons Edit

About Edit

Masamune is carrying around a pair of Desert Eagle.50AE guns on the airsoft battlefield, one black and one silver. The same specifics go for each of these guns. The Desert Eagle.50AE series are relatively big handguns that can fire with great power and are equipped with a kick and gas blow-back engine[4]. They are relatively cheap guns.

Specifics Edit

Total Length 270 mm
Barrel Length 136 mm
Weight 1,110 g
Bullet Type 6mm BB(0.2〜0.25g)
Magazine Capacity 27 + 1 Rounds

Trivia Edit

  • He owns a silver and a black Desert Eagle gun.[5]
  • He is nicknamed Mattsun by Tooru Yukimura. He calls the latter by Yukki.
  • His favorite food is Sukiyaki Beef and String Cheese, but he hates Sweets and Sake.
  • He specializes in cooking Fried dishes and his unique skill as a host involves guessing a woman's perfume.
  • In Episode 8, it is shown that both he and Midori Nagamasa used to be friends. Midori was with Masamune when the latter purchased his first gun. According to him, Matsuoka used to be a crybaby. 
  • According to Midori, Matsuoka’s gun hit his chin on his first shot because he was unaware of the kickback.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Masamune (正宗) Sense of Justice
    • Matsuoka (松岡) Pine Hill

References Edit

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