Haruki Hosokawa

Haruki Hosokawa 01

Haruki Hosokawa - chapter 26.3

Alias Haru-Haruki (Hotaru)

Haruki (Masamune) Nii-san {Haruka)

Kanji 細川 春樹
Rōmaji Hosokawa Haruki
Personal Information
Gender Male
Birthday March 3rd (Pisces)
Height 174 cm (5"7)
Weight 57 kg
Blood Type B
Status Alive
Skill Sniper / Attacker
Manga Chapter 18
Anime Episode 3: It'll Become Your Greatest Partner (cameo)

Episode 10: I Want to Fight With These People (cameo)


Haruki Hosokawa (Japanese: 細川 春樹 Hosakawa Haruki), is a supporting character of the manga and has made a cameo appearance in the anime. He's the older brother of Haruka Hosokawa.

Appearance Edit

Haruki has a tall, slim figure and short light brown hair. His eyes are shown to be a yellow-green colour. In the manga and anime cameo, he is shown wearing a black hoodie. Haruki is commonly dressed casually, while in game he sports a black hooded outerwear, light coloured bottoms and a gas mask over his face. However, he wears a black suit instead of casual clothes in sometimes.

Personality Edit

Although he seems to be harsh and full of hatred when he first met Hotaru, He is actually kind-hearted. He also can easily get embarrassed as well when he is with Tachibana or his brother, Haruka. It can be seen that he's a tsundere.

Plot Edit

He has made his official full character appearance in Chapter 19 of the manga, displaying an inherent hatred towards Hotaru and his former team members from Toy Gun Gun. Despite still being active in Survival Games, he prefers to keep his identity hidden such that know one else recognizes him.

He has discovered that Tachibana is female after accidentally pushing her down in his apartment. Then he came close to her eventually, in chapter 23, he decided to return Toy Gun Gun.

During Toy Gun Gun's third round of TGC, Haruki became the leader of the team as a substitute because of Masamune's injury during the previous match. In chapter 57He was able to lead the team to victory by separating his gun to hit two enemy opponents at the same time while Hotaru and Yukki hit the other enemy opponent. The type of battle is a "Hostage Battle."

Relationships Edit

Hotaru Tachibana Edit


Haruki defeats Hotaru

Hotaru calls him HaruHaruki - even before they officially met - which disturbs him at first. Hotaru thinks that while he can be annoying and stupid at times, he has good intentions. Haruki is put off by how friendly Hotaru is towards him, despite him constantly telling her that he doesn't like her.

At first, he despised Hotaru for taking his place as the third member of Toy ☆ Gun Gun, feeling as if his efforts to get stronger and rejoin the team were now pointless. He fights and easily defeats Hotaru during a 'Spy' Battle, although Hotaru didn't know who he was or why he hated her so much, at the time.

After accidentally finding out Hotaru's true gender - by falling on her touching her breasts- he treats her as his slave through blackmail. This stopped after he made Hotaru do chores for him for an entire day.But after seeing Hotaru acts to help him deal with his brother Haruka, he becomes less harsh. After Haruki rejoins Toy Gun Gun, their establish a strong friendship. Moreover, when Hotaru need helps, he is always beside her and so does the opposite, as in chapter 36 and 39
Haruki finds out Hotaru's true gender

Haruki finds out

Masamune Edit

Haruki was recruited as the third member of Toy ☆ Gun Gun, but resigned before Hotaru joined. In the past, Haruki felt that Masamune only cared about beating Team Hoshishiro and getting back at Nagamasa, thus steps down from the team. Afterwards, Haruki feels as if he has been replaced by Hotaru and how he acted towards Masamune was unforgivable; however, Masamune kindly accepts him as the team's fourth member again.

Weapon Edit

SCAR-H with a M320A1 attachment Edit

The bullets shot from a M320A1 will be along a projectile instead of going straight therefore, it can go over obstacles (it can go further if you shoot it at an angle).

It also has a scope attachment, but the scope is movable so it can be used against near enemies. If you turn it around you can, you can use it like a sniper.

Trivia Edit

  • His gun is a SCAR-H with M320A1 attachment, the same one as Haruka.
  • He weighs and reaches to around the same height as his brother.
  • He likes online gaming, war films, his hobbies involve gun care and maintenance.
  • His favorite drink is Coffee Milk (he prefers to drink it black but doesn't, because it tastes bitter)
  • Nomenclature:
    • Haruki (春樹) Spring Tree
    • Hosokawa (細川) Narrow River